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Is 'Physician Engagement' Code for Physician Control? Print E-mail
Written by Michael Breen, MD | KevinMD   
Monday, 09 January 2017 00:00

Are physicians unruly children?

That's the attitude I see at hospital C-suite meetings. As in, "Our doctors are protesting our new unproven proton beam therapy center. How cute! They think they know how hospitals work. Even cuter, they think their opinion matters." Chuckles all around.

That smiling dismissiveness doesn't surprise me. Call me cynical, but when people have power over other people, they become contemptuous. And in today's world hospital executives have that power over their interchangeable, expendable physicians. Their ridicule is regretful, but almost fitting. After all, many physicians they patronize once took that same attitude toward their patients.

At least, though, that behind-the-scenes contempt is sincere. What I resent more is articles like one I just read: "The best way hospitals can engage physicians, nurses, and staff."

Engaging physicians is very much in vogue these days. The purpose is to tactfully bring physicians around to the institution's way of doing things.

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