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Need to know: Chronic care management and remote monitoring companies are not created equal Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 22 March 2017 00:00

The healthcare industry is moving heavily into engaging, monitoring and empowering beneficiaries with tools to improve their health. Companies are jumping on the trend, offering telephonic chronic care management and remote patient monitoring for a fee.

All firms promise to ease the time burden on a practice’s staff. Some offer 24/7 support, including a nurse response line or web-based physician consultation. Here are tips on choosing the right provider:

1. Electronic interaction should be relevant to the disease burden of the patient, age group and individual goals, such as diet and activities.

2. Remote monitoring should be interactive, where patients can contact their care team or receive education on their condition, medications and the importance of keeping readings within expected ranges.

3. Rather than push out information, a firm’s representative should be asking questions such as “Which of your COPD inhalers is the emergency one?” and educating the patient when responses are incorrect.

4. The company should keep outreach simple and interesting, taking a few minutes but not being repetitive. If approached with the same questions and education every day, patients won’t stick with their plans.

5. The platform should be scaled to the technological comfort level of the population.  Telephonic outreach may be necessary for the less tech-savvy.

6. The platform should be measurable. Ask for before-and-after effects of a population’s hospitalization utilization.  If that’s not tracked, require measurements of patient engagement.

7. Compare the service delivered to the billing criteria.  Most companies are sub-contractors that charge a percentage. The figure varies widely from firm to firm, though it’s never 100 percent of what Medicare is billed. Make sure you know what services and documentation the company must provide in order for Medicare to accept the invoice.

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