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Will Genetic Engineering Save or Sink Humanity? Print E-mail
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Monday, 07 August 2017 00:00

In an 8.6.17 post, MD Whistleblower ponders the ethical dilemma created by the recent announcement that gene editing has been applied to fix diseased genes in viable human embryos:
<We have> learned of an astonishing scientific breakthrough that seems utterly fantastic and futuristic, even though it has actually occurred. Scientists amended the DNA of human embryos to correct a mutation - a genetic defect - that causes a very serious medical disease. This suggests that with additional research and testing that embryos who otherwise might be destined for misery could be rescued...The fact that there is a fortune to be made in the genetics industry can be expected to alter the direction of our ethical compass. And, while the initial roll-out will be discussing how genetic intervention can reverse the course of devastating and fatal diseases, does anyone believe it will stop there? Once the concept has been normalized, other medical conditions will be targeted. The creep will be inexorable. Boundaries will be shattered.
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