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The quandary of cost transparency Print E-mail
Written by Ted Matthews, MBA | KevinMD   
Thursday, 07 June 2018 00:00
Why can I get a comprehensive estimate for something like a car repair, but not a hip transplant?
While a cost range or estimate can be provided  regarding what the physician will bill for a specific service, we can - at best - make an educated guess about other surgery costs (hospital bill? anesthesiologist's bill?) and follow-up costs (physical therapy? prescription drugs?). People, unlike cars, are not identical "under the hood," and treatment does not work consistently between people or even at different times for the same person. An expected procedure may need to be changed and additional testing or procedures may be necessary.
This can be a good time to discuss value transparency. Because, like so many things in life, what can look like a "good deal" at the start can end up costing a patient more later on.
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