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Written by Skeptical Scalpel via KevinMD   
Wednesday, 07 November 2018 00:00
Everything is being rated these days. But who is rating the ratings? As a public service, I have been blogging about the shortcomings of various rating systems since 2010. Two recent papers on this topic are worthy of review.

In a randomized controlled study, investigators from the University Hospital of M√ľnster, Germany found that medical students who were provided cookies during academic course sessions rated the experience significantly higher than students who did not receive cookies....

<Meanwhile> A research letter from the Cleveland Clinic published in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at over 8,400 patient encounters for respiratory tract infections involving 85 telemedicine doctors and found 66% resulted in an antibiotic being prescribed. The estimated prevalence of bacterial acute respiratory tract infections in outpatients is low. A substantial number of the antibiotics prescribed by telemedicine physicians were probably unnecessary. Physicians received 5-star ratings from 91% of patients who were prescribed antibiotics and 86% of those who received a non-antibiotic drug prescription. When no drugs were prescribed, 72% of patients gave 5-star ratings, a significant difference.

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