The South Florida Medical Group Management Association (SFMGMA) kicked off its 2021 online continuing education program with an intriguing presentation entitled So I’m supposed to buy AI. Now what? This May 25th online Lunch-and-Learn event was presented by Matt Jones CEO of Science.

With an extensive background in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Mr. Jones was uniquely qualified to present on this topic. The Sequoia Capital-backed healthcare AI company that he leads boasts that it can transform mountains of faxes, notes, chats, and files into patient data with a single click. Previously he was Chief of Staff at the internal catalyst fund for Data Collective, a $2B AUM fund known as the most active investor in machine learning. While there, he originated five AI companies in insurance and healthcare.

The presentation began by addressing what AI can do and why healthcare providers should buy it. Mr. Jones wasn’t timid in this regard, asserting “AI can give us super powers.” He was also careful to point out that AI doesn’t replace people. It helps people perform better because it relieves them of tedious tasks. “AI is really good at recognizing patterns and coping with information overload,” he stated.

He cautioned potential healthcare AI buyers about simplistic software posing as a more sophisticated solution. He used the absurd example of correlating per capita cheese consumption with the propensity for citizens to get tangled in their bed sheets at night to illustrate how crude data analytics can be quite useless. He further warned about software sales people who claim they can do whatever you need. “AI is not a Ronco Veg-O-Matic,” he stated.

Mr. Jones then went on to describe what it takes to build AI and what quality AI looks like. He prefaced this by noting that one must have good data to deliver a useful AI solution. Good AI is understandable in plain English and the user interface should not have too many buttons and dials, according to Mr. Jones. It should be more than user-friendly; it should be fun to use. “Demand that your AI be as easy to use as Uber!” The user-friendly aspect of quality AI does more than just improve the healthcare administrator’s work day, it creates a good habit loop. Constant use is critical for extracting full value from an AI investment and a well-designed product that is fun to use can be deployed to its full potential.

Much to the relief of attendees, purchasing AI is not the same as purchasing an EMR, according to Mr. Jones. Unlike EMR where buyers often feel compelled to go all in on one solution, a smart AI investor can start with smaller projects and work incrementally towards a more comprehensive package. In this way the innovation budget goes further and stakeholders learn faster. “Massive upfront costs should not exist,” Mr. Jones stated flatly.

So I’m supposed to buy AI. Now what? exposed attendees to a refreshing perspective on a fascinating but somewhat intimidating topic. The SFMGMA’s June webinar is entitled Managing Post-Covid Burnout and Stress. The exact date will be picked and registration page posted soon and will be available at