DSignage and Medrics released a personalized healthcare app in the U.S. that gives patients improved access to medical services and helps hospitals control spending.

MIAMI/PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — DSignage (DSignage.net), a South Florida company that uses smart technology to enhance business communications, joins Medrics (Medrics.us), a developer of interactive healthcare applications, on the release of a mobile app designed to improve patient experience and access to medical services.

The Medrics app’s location and workflow technology uniquely benefit healthcare providers by reducing patient no-shows, increasing referrals and shortening outpatient wait times.

“Our partnership with Medrics offers patients better control over their care. At the same time, it gives hospitals a better handle on reducing costs because of improved efficiency and communication,” said Jose Diaz, CEO and founder of DSignage.

The app is already available at VA hospitals in Las Vegas and Orlando and at healthcare facilities in the United States, Romania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. It currently serves more than 350,000 users and has placed more than 15,000 appointments. The app features 47 customizable functions, including:

  • Smart appointment management;
  • Virtual doctor appointments;
  • Patient referral management;
  • Health-related videos and entertainment;
  • Access to medical records and results;
  • Manual and location-based messaging;
  • Wayfinding/location services;
  • Integration with provider EMR and CRM systems;
  • Zero-contact patient registration;
  • Smart patient surveys.

Medrics and DSignage leverage location intelligence technology to send users essential details, such as the fastest route to get to their appointments. It also lets the hospital know when patients are running late.

The app will link to DSignage digital displays in healthcare centers, allowing for personalized messages as patients walk by screens. Digital signs will dynamically refresh to display information relevant to the user. The app will even help patients navigate confusing healthcare facilities.

“We’ll be able to trigger content on large screens and on their phones based on a user’s location,” Diaz said. “We can send them text messages, videos and emails to keep them informed with information essential to their health.”

More than 40 healthcare facilities in Europe, Asia and the Middle East use Medrics’ interactive patient-care app, adding their brand and customizing user and multilanguage options to meet patients’ needs. Hospitals, physicians and healthcare staff credit the app with streamlining services, eliminating long patient waits and vastly reducing missed appointments, which cost the industry billions every year.

Hospital patient apps are at the forefront of the digital transformation of healthcare worldwide. COVID-19 accelerated the industry’s need for change, prompting healthcare companies to invest millions in new technology to improve efficiency and ensure sustainability.

“The industry now understands that innovation and technology — long used to treat and cure illnesses — delivers benefits that improve services at every level,” said Medrics Co-founder and CEO Altug Ozdamar. “The app enhances a provider’s value-based care, and everyone benefits – from the administrators to the patients.”

The partnership with Medrics marks a significant milestone for DSignage, which uses digital tools like touchscreens and video displays to enhance communications with customers in the healthcare, corporation and retail industries. Using smartphones was a logical next step since it’s the digital screen we all carry around.

“Like it or not, everyone has a smartphone in their hands. It’s become an essential part of our lives,” Diaz said. “Now they give patients an edge when it comes to their health; it delivers tools that hospitals can bank on.”


About Medrics
The San Francisco-based Medrics develops integrated patient experience solutions to digitize the outpatient journey. Company uses location intelligence and mobile technologies to increase hospital KPI’s resulting in increasing revenue and lowering cost of hospital operations. All solutions are white-labeled and customized, depending on priorities of clients.
Visit http://www.medrics.us.

About DSignage
Founded in 2005, DSignage is a South Florida-based tech company that develops smart technologies for businesses worldwide. The company uses technology to optimize the experience in large facilities such as hospitals, manufacturers and retailers. DSignage solutions range from mobile apps to touchscreens to video walls to better communicate with customers, patients and employees. Visit http://www.dsignage.net.

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