With need for therapy and counseling surging during the pandemic, free & confidential Mental Health Match uses technology from online dating to match Floridians to the mental health providers who best meet their needs.

In response to the increased need for therapy services coming from the coronavirus pandemic, Mental Health Match, a free and confidential service that instantly matches individuals with the provider who best meets their needs, is now offering its service to people throughout the entire state of Florida.

Research shows that the biggest indicator of successful therapy is the feeling a client has of “fit” – that their therapist is right for them. Mental Health Match offers a personalized survey, matching algorithm, and informative profiles to enable Floridians to easily find the therapists and counselors who are the best fit for their needs.

Dr. April Andelle, a psychologist who serves all of Florida through teletherapy, says: “Therapy is a relationship, and when successful, often becomes one of your most important relationships in life. That’s why when seeking a therapist, it is 100% okay to take the time to not just pick a name, but to research and explore to find the professional you truly match with. And Mental Health Match excellently lays out various qualities of Florida therapists and counselors so you can choose and connect to the right professional for you.”

Mental Health Match finds therapists and counselors available who specialize in an individuals’ unique situation—whether dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, or new life changes—and in conjunction with budget, insurance, cultural, and demographic considerations.

“We’re all struggling to make sense of rapid change and frightening circumstances, and a good therapist is one of the most helpful resources available. As more people realize it’s time to talk with a trained professional, many people will just pick a name from a list and hope for the best. Instead, Floridians can now use our free matching tool to quickly find a mental health provider they will trust and connect with from the very first moment,” said Ryan Schwartz, founder of Mental Health Match.

Marla Berger, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Pompano Beach, says: “Life was already stressful enough in Florida living with the after-effects of the Parkland tragedy, recovering from devastating hurricanes and dealing with inter-generational trauma. COVID-19 shut down resiliency centers, work, school, playgrounds, and other avenues for our community members to seek support. Now more than ever, our community deserves caring and supportive therapists and counselors. Mental Health Match allows clients to find their right fit from the start. Making the call to start services can be exhausting and intimidating. Instead of spending time and energy looking at an impersonal list of names, Mental Health Match asks simple questions to match clients to clinician. Take the guesswork out of finding your support and rely on Mental Health Match to pair you with your ideal clinician – you deserve support now.”

The developers of Mental Health Match spent years researching how to make the search for a therapist more efficient and personalized. Mental Health Match offers a tool that allows people to quickly find therapists who are affordable, convenient, and best matched to their needs. Mental Health Match is anonymous and personal data is never stored or sold.

For more information about Mental Health Match, visit mentalhealthmatch.com or check out some of their articles written by licensed therapists in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last Updated on Monday, 3rd August 2020 7:51 pm