Matt Jones, CEO, Science

The South Florida Medical Group Management Association (SFMGMA) has just announced its first webinar of 2021 entitled So I’m supposed to buy AI. Now what? This May 25th online Lunch-and-Learn event will be presented by Matt Jones CEO of Science.

This webinar will give attendees insight into the following questions:

• What can AI do and why buy it?
• How can I tell if it’s really AI?
• What does it take to build good AI?
• What does well-designed AI software look like?
• How can I make sure AI delivers on its promised results?
• How is buying AI different from buying an EMR?

Guest Speaker Matt Jones is currently CEO of Sequoia Capital-backed healthcare AI company Science, which transforms mountains of faxes, notes, chats, and files into patient data with a single click. Previously he was Chief of Staff at the internal catalyst fund for Data Collective, a $2B AUM fund known as the most active investor in machine learning. While there, he originated five AI companies in insurance and healthcare, many in partnership with one of the world’s largest reinsurers, MunichRE. Before his work in AI, Matt worked in private equity and special situations. His deal highlights include core work on the historic proxy contest for Amylin Pharmaceuticals, resulting in a $5.3B sale. He also played a significant role as one of eight voting members of the Ad Hoc Noteholder Committee representing all creditors of General Motors in bankruptcy. Matt is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley.

“Software hasn’t always made things easier for doctors in the past. AI is incredibly exciting because it can finally deliver the better outcomes we were all promised – with less paperwork,” says Matt Jones, CEO of Science. “What I enjoy most is making it fun and easy for organizations to navigate the possibilities AI presents, and getting past the articles and ‘think pieces’ to real impact. Changing the frontline experience for doctors and making administrators heroes is intensely rewarding.”

Founded in 2005, the SFMGMA is a professional membership association that provides information, networking, and development for the medical group practice administrators and leaders in the South Florida area. The SFMGMA is the local chapter of the state and national MGMA.

“We have an amazing team at the South Florida MGMA. We are committed to serving our membership and providing outstanding educational and networking events,” states Chris A. Cook, SFMGMA president. “Learning about the impact and opportunity for AI implementation in our healthcare setting is both intriguing and necessary for our future.”

Members can attend this online event for free; non-members pay a fee of $10. Register / Learn more here:

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