APRNs are highly educated and trained healthcare professionals. In Florida, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) have an expanded scope of practice which allows APRNs whose protocols allow, to prescribe and dispense medications to patients under certain conditions and in accordance with state regulations. Medication dispensing by APRNs can improve patient access to essential medications.

F.A.C. Rule 64B9-4.011 addresses the requirements for APRNs in Florida who wish to dispense medications. Key components of this rule include:

  • Registration with the Board of Nursing – APRNs whose protocols allow them to dispense medications must register with the Florida Board of Nursing.
  • Application Submission – APRNs seeking to dispense medications must complete an application form provided by the Board of Nursing. This application form can be obtained from the Board’s official website or office.
  • Financial Requirement – APRNs must enclose a $100 cashier’s check or money order, payable to the Department of Health, along with their completed application. This fee helps cover the administrative costs associated with processing and maintaining medication dispensing registrations.
  • Mail the Application – Send the completed application and the fee to the address provided on the application form. It’s advisable to use certified mail or a similar method to ensure the delivery is tracked.
  • Processing Time – The Board of Nursing will review your application and, if all requirements are met, grant you permission to dispense medications. Be prepared for processing times that may vary, so plan accordingly.

It’s important for APRNs in Florida to stay informed about these regulations and adhere to them diligently. Compliance not only preserves the integrity of the profession but also promotes the highest standards of patient care in the state.


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