Stem cell law has been heavily contested in the courts for decades in the United States, and the hotly debated topic has strong support on both sides.

In fact, it is not just at the federal level that lawmakers have been unable to reach a decision. Each state has also fought through the different permutations of stem cell research law in its own courts, and decisions are continually being overturned.

What Is Current Federal Law on Stem Cell Research?

At the federal level, there is no explicit regulation regarding stem cell research. This puts the decision into the hands of each state, according to the will of the locality.

However, federal funding for scientific research does have an impact on the developments in stem cell research and where the stem cells are resourced.

Different presidents have either put a hold on stem cell research or lifted the holds placed by their predecessor. Depending on the current state of the union, stem cell research has a greater or lesser chance of approval for federal funding.

Where Does Florida Law Stand on Stem Cell Research?

SB 954 in Florida has been batted back and forth in the state’s congress, as lawmakers seek to come to an agreement on what it means to engage in ethical research for the advancement of medical treatment.

A few of the topics included in and covered by the bill include:

  • Making sure that the Department of Health is held to a specific date by which they must adopt the new rules in the bill
  • Ensuring that any patients who are to receive an “investigational” stem cell treatment will sign a consent form in advance to ensure they understand what is happening and what they are agreeing to
  • Dictating that only licensed, certified, and active physicians may administer an “investigational” stem cell treatment to any patient for any purpose
  • Requiring that all stem cell treatments be overseen by a review board put in place for that purpose

All the specifics of the bill seem to prioritize making sure that all patients have full knowledge of what a stem cell treatment is in advance, that the treatment is administered by someone who is knowledgeable and well-trained, and that the treatment is further overseen by a governing board that will be quick to respond to any abuses of the process.

If your medical business is involved in stem cell research and you would like to ensure that you are fully compliant with current law, or you want to know how pending stem cell law may impact your work, contact the Florida Healthcare Law Firm.