More people are using the At-Home Urgent Care service for convenience and safety

BeeperMD, an at-home healthcare company, is prepared to emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever as demand grows for at-home urgent care services. The Deerfield Beach-based company has doubled in the past year and is preparing for even more growth in 2022.

BeeperMD was founded by Steven Wolf and Jeremy Gelbart with the goal of bringing house calls back. When the COVID pandemic hit, they decided to use their resources to offer COVID testing to local schools and the company took off from there. Since COVID testing was among their Urgent Care offerings, they were able to test hundreds of thousands of people across Florida and New York, including some of the largest companies in the area and beyond. They are also available nationwide to company employees and businesses that need medical testing.

“We have seen a huge shift in the demand for home healthcare since the pandemic started,” said Jeremy Gelbart, BeeperMD’s Co-Founder. “When people are sick, they want the convenience and safety that comes with staying at home. Our professionals can provide a number of tests on-site and send the appropriate prescriptions to your pharmacy.”

For At-Home Urgent Care and COVID testing, patients call or make an appointment at and submit information. Then a BeeperMD clinician comes to the home to examine and/or test and to diagnose an illness. Additionally, there is always a Nurse Practitioner or Doctor connected to the appointment via video chat.

BeeperMD is a less costly alternative to a typical emergency room and a convenient option when someone cannot get in to see their primary-care physician. They can generally test for symptoms related to:

• COVID-19
• Flu
• Strep
• Respiratory Infections and more

Open 7 days a week, the company has similar hours to a traditional Urgent Care location.

Currently servicing New York and Florida, BeeperMD has already launched expansion plans to several other states, including Texas and Illinois in 2022.

About BeeperMD
BeeperMD offers at-home Urgent Care services in Florida and New York. They can test for symptoms related to COVID-19, Flu, Strep, Respiratory Infections and more. Open seven days a week. Call 866-550-2212 or visit online at

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23rd February 2022 12:14 pm