OZ, a global digital innovation and health advisory company, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale for the last 23 years, has successfully launched Salus Safe, an innovative, patent pending, mobile solution that aids in safely returning the public to mass gathering events and their workplaces.

Salus Safe was designed by a team of medical, business and digital technology experts to safely bring people back to sports & entertainment, travel & hospitality, the workplace, education and assisted living facilities by creating a biosphere free of COVID-19. Salus was recently launched and leveraged by the A7 Football League (A7FL), a semi-professional football league, and enabled them to hold their Back in Motion tournament successfully and safely.

“Salus was literally a game changer for us because it allowed us to safely get back to what we love most – playing football,” said Sener Korkusuz, A7FL CEO & co-founder.

Now that affordable, accurate and rapid COVID-19 assurance testing is becoming available, people will know their COVID-19 status in an immediate and ongoing basis. Salus creates COVID-19-free biospheres by combining any of the new rapid and mobile (lab-free) COVID-19 assurance testing with the Salus Safe suite of mobile applications, that records employees, students, fans, athletes and guests’ COVID-19 status snapshot and provides a time-sensitive mobile digital health key to ensure only people who test negative for the virus access venues, events, the workplace and schools. This provides everyone confidence and assurance that the people in the venue they are interacting with have gone through the same process as them and do not have the virus. The Salus Safe suite of apps utilize a selfie for identification and do not require the capture of any personally identifiable information such as name, address and date of birth.

Salus also vastly reduces the logistical burden and provides a scalable platform for the anticipated high volume of people registering and scheduling rapid testing; securely capturing, sending and storing their COVID-19 test result and notifying people when they should re-test. In addition, Salus provides real time dashboards, reporting and analytics so organizations can understand the virus’ positivity rate by location, quickly isolate and control cases, and initialize contact tracing. See Salus in action with this short video.

“Salus gets us back by helping make mass rapid COVID-19 assurance testing possible,” said Dr. Peter Antevy, a preeminent COVID-19 medical authority and part of the Salus medical advisory board. “Whether it’s the workplace, schools and colleges, cruise lines, concerts or ball games, the way we safely get people back is utilizing affordable, frequent, rapid assurance testing and that requires a mobile, scalable platform to make it happen on a mass scale. Salus is that platform.”

Salus Safe is already being used by the A7FL. By using its innovative technology and regular COVID-19 testing, Salus allowed players, coaches and other staff members to return to stadiums and play football safely.

Sener Korkusuz, A7FL CEO & co-founder, concludes “The Salus apps enabled the process of regular, rapid testing and capture of instant COVID-19 status, allowing our participants and staff to have peace of mind knowing our organization was using the best solution available to keep everyone safe and healthy. Salus also provided the A7FL management team real time dashboards to track the current COVID-19 status of the league’s players and staff, monitor trends and make informed decisions based on data.”

The Salus Safe suite of apps, Salus Access and Employee (for employees, students, guests, fans and athletes); Salus Test (for rapid, mobile COVID-19 testers); and Salus Monitor (for scanning the Access QR codes at venues and events), are available to download on your mobile phone at no cost on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

About OZ
OZ is a global, digital innovation and health advisory company based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Founded in 1997, OZ has global innovation centers in Asia and South America and has a long track record of successfully delivering innovative digital products, solutions and consulting to Fortune 500, mid-tier companies and all levels of government, in the sectors of health sciences, travel & hospitality, entertainment and education. For more details please visit www.FollowOZ.com.